Jan 14, 2011

Alfresco 3.4 Installers

If you've installed an Alfresco 3.4 distribution, you may've noticed that unlike the previous versions, Alfresco doesn't offer anymore Tomcat bundles, only full-blown installers - which I personally hate.

However, it seems that using the new installers, you can still get a similar setup to the old Tomcat bundles. Have a look at http://richard.esplins.org/siwi/2011/01/12/automating-new-alfresco-installers for  a full description of how to achieve this.

Jan 13, 2011

Craftsmanship Movement Pros and Cons

Dan North has a good post about why, in his view, programming is not a craft: http://dannorth.net/2011/01/11/programming-is-not-a-craft/

I wonder how long before uncle Bob responds.

Jan 6, 2011

Monitoring overview

Good article describing the different levels of infrastructure monitoring: http://www.paperplanes.de/2011/1/5/the_virtues_of_monitoring.html

Scrumming your Wedding

Well, it seems people are such Scrum fanatics now-a-days, that they show you how to plan your wedding using Scrum. Check this video out:

Probably the next books will be about planning your life using Scrum. Funny how no one looks back at history and tries to learn from it.