Sep 30, 2011

Uncle Bob - Screaming Architecture

Interesting post by Uncle Bob on software architectures and what they should or should not be:

Although I'm a "fan" of Robert Martin, I don't completely agree with him on this one: an architecture doesn't have any value on a piece of paper, or on a slide or in the thin air. Architectures need to be materialized at some point and for that it's hard nowadays to avoid using frameworks or hardware topologies for that matter.

I'm not saying a framework should be the architecture, but unless you reinvent the wheel each time, you might find an architecture having to be tailored in certain areas so that "it fits". I just don't think you can define and document the architecture without thinking how that architecture is going to be implemented.

Sep 15, 2011

-> CoffeeScript

I know Javascript has had and still has a lot of issues and that there are a lot of people unhappy about that. I also know that it's not the cleanest or clearest language in the world, but seeing the "->" as a "first class operator" makes me cringe.

Sep 14, 2011

Douglas Crockford, another talk on Javascript

Even though Brendan Eich was under pressure when he first wrote it and therefore some mistakes were made,  my opinion is that Doug Crockford is one of Javascript's "pillars" currently:

Sep 13, 2011

HTML 5 Goodies

If you've been following the updates that HTML 5 will bring to the world of www, then you might've heard of web sockets. Here's a good presentation of what they are and how they "promise" to solve all your problems: