Jan 13, 2012

Regulating Software Development

Good point made by Uncle Bob: http://blog.8thlight.com/uncle-bob/2012/01/12/The-Letter.html (the letter mentioned is a horror-story example, some of which I have also seen since starting working in software development)

Jan 12, 2012

Brian Foote, QCon interview

At infoq: http://www.infoq.com/interviews/foote-oop-code. If you don't know who Brian is, too bad, you should (http://www.laputan.org/). In my book, he's right up there with the top minds of the software development industry "school".

Jan 6, 2012

GitHub File Finder

Another cool trick with GitHub: while in the file view (explorer) of a repository, type "t" and watch the "magic unfold" ;) (original post here: https://github.com/blog/793-introducing-the-file-finder)

Jan 5, 2012

Why GitHub is really cool

One of coolest things I've come across in the last couple of months is GitHub and the entire workflow behind it. Here's a good presentation of some of the cool features: http://confreaks.net/videos/754-rubymidwest2011-how-github-uses-github-to-build-github

Jan 4, 2012

Architecture - The Lost Years

If you've followed the "controversy" between Uncle Bob's view of architecture and that of Simon Brown, you can check the latest "episode" via Robert Martin's Ruby Midwest 2011 keynote: http://confreaks.net/videos/759-rubymidwest2011-keynote-architecture-the-lost-years

As a side-note, at least in his 2011 talks, Robert Martin always mentions a physics experiment at the beginning of each talk. What's up with that ?